Director of Human Resources Operations - Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica - Marriott International

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    Position directs and collaborates with human resource staff on recruitment, compensation, employee relations, and training.

    Executes plans outlined in the Human Resource Business Plan, ensuring services meet employees' needs and contribute to business success. Maintains compliance with laws, regulations, and Procedures.


    Education and Experience

    • High school diploma or GED; 3 years experience in human resources or related area.
    • 2-year degree from an accredited university in Human Resources, Business Administration, or related field; 1 year experience in human resources or related area.


    Managing Legal and Compliance Practices

    • Ensures retention of terminated employee records for required duration.
    • Ensures compliance in human resource audits.
    • Properly documents progressive disciplinary actions in employee files.
    • Ensures adherence to key policies (e.g., Sexual Harassment, Non-Harassment, Non-Discrimination).
    • Collaborates with unemployment services provider for claims response.
    • Attends unemployment hearings to ensure proper representation.
    • Guarantees fair treatment of employees and maintains proper documentation on disciplinary issues.
    • Administers property policies consistently and fairly.
    • Ensures completion of disciplinary procedures as per Standard Operating Procedures.

    Managing Human Resources Communication

    • Communicates benefit plan changes promptly.
    • Notifies property rules and regulations through an employee handbook.
    • Coaches managers on progressive discipline.

    Managing Staffing and Employee Development Activities

    • Participates in recruitment and hiring of Human Resources team.
    • Maintains performance evaluations and merit increase records.
    • Manages performance appraisal process efficiently.

    Maintaining Employee Relations

    • Fosters open, collaborative relationships with employees.
    • Addresses employee concerns promptly.
    • Establishes effective communication channels and relationships within the organization.
    • Aims to enhance employee retention and monitors union organization signs in the work environment.
    • Seeks and implements employee feedback and organizes community events.

    Marriott International provides equal employment opportunities, fostering a diverse workforce and inclusive culture. Committed to non-discrimination on any protected basis under the law.