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Community of Practice Co-Moderator (BB-4B22E)

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Location: Flexible home based - Latin America region* 1
Contract type: Fixed term contract (February/March - June 2021)
Working hours: Part time - 3.5 days per week
Grade: C
Reporting to: Member Engagement Coordinator (based in New Zealand)
Responsible for: N/A
Job Purpose:
Family for Every Child (Family) is currently launching a Community of Practice (CoP), bringing members together through a global on-line learning digital platform, with the aim to support the wider care sector through a number of external communities, each with their own challenges and learning to share. The aim is to build an interactive digital channel for exchange and sharing, creating a community of practitioners driving forward care reform.
This role supports the overall CoP, which currently includes the following external communities:

  • Care during COVID-19

  • Established to capture the learning and emerging practice from communities who are dealing with the disruption COVID-19 is causing and share it more widely, supporting civil society organisations to adapt, learn and develop their responses.

  • RISE Learning Network
    RISE is a live project implemented by Family in 2015. The aim of the project in its first phase (from 2015 - 2018) was to promote and facilitate learning on Recovery and Reintegration (R&R) approaches that improve outcomes for children and adolescents affected by sexual exploitation (CSE). RISE itself has been working as a CoP on R&R issues, where members exchange information, resources, and they mentor each other on new approaches and tools. In the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, RISE emerges as a platform that can be leveraged to facilitate a CoP among organisations and networks of civil society organisations to promote evidence based learning on response and support for children, their families and communities to therefore reduce their higher risks to violence and abuse, including sexual violence due to this pandemic.

  • Emerging priority areas
    While initially much of the focus will be related to COVID-19, the overall goal of the platform is to be the foremost space for local civil society organisations and practitioners working in children’s care and protection to engage on sector issues. Additional communities related to Children on the Move, Kinship Care and the Lived Experience Platform are also in the pipeline.
    The main objectives of this CoP are to:
    Identify common themes, that will be based on the pertinent issues in the respective context of organisations and those that are common to each other to be able to nurture and strengthen that learning. The primary focus will remain sexual violence affecting children but will also include other related issues impacting protection and care of children and families
    Solve problems, by sparking dialogue about COVID-19 response related to child violence prevention, protection and care
    Share knowledge, by promoting learning, knowledge generation and information exchange to improve practice in the ground. One of our main tasks will be to develop new knowledge that will improve the quality of services provided to children by finding, collating, organising and distributing the knowledge that our members use or might find helpful, particularly looking at filling knowledge gaps.
    Adapt, validate and disseminate good practices, by giving greater visibility to projects, research and initiatives that are proving successful to amplify and localize where possible. This will also contribute to Family’s How We Care’s special learning series on COVID-19.
    Build capacity in all aspects of COVID-19 response regarding child violence prevention, protection and care, with specific focus on sexual violence affecting children
    ● Enable innovation, as our CoP is focused on new and emerging areas of knowledge where there are opportunities to innovate. Our interactions can provide the basis for rapid dissemination of new ideas and resources.
    Facilitate networking, by encouraging collaboration among CoP members in different countries, regions and worldwide to build a globally accessible pool of resources. We will focus on facilitating connections between global experts who might not otherwise interact.
    Support advocacy, by strengthening connections for a more effective advocacy work at national, regional and international level
    A variety of formats and technologies are being developed to facilitate and promote the activities of the CoP through:
    ● Regular webinars, podcasts, workshops and practitioner guidance papers
    ● Setting up smaller working groups to pilot specific initiatives (for example, setting up helplines, shelter management, research, alternative care methods, etc.)
    ● Contributing to national, regional and global advocacy initiatives wherever possible, using Family and the RISE Learning Network platforms
    ● Inviting thematic experts to present and support the CoP members as and when required through online events
    ● A communications campaign, and ongoing email communications
    Scope and Limits of Authority: The post holder is expected to organise their own day-to-day activities according to the overall priorities and timescales set, and to exercise sound judgement in many critical decision-making areas.
    ● This role does not have budgetary responsibility.
    ● This role does not have line management responsibility.
    Key Responsibilities:
    1. Assisting the lead moderator with generating, adapting and populating content for the launch of the digital CoP platform
    2. Working in partnership with the relevant Secretariat staff to engage existing Family / RISE members and external sign ups
    3. Working as co-moderator for the platform. This includes, where applicable:
    ● Working alongside and facilitating the lead moderator for the CoP to find, share and facilitate content through the digital platform
    ● Working alongside and facilitating member moderators from the steering group to effectively lead on priority areas / discussions
    ● Engaging technical leads from the Secretariat where required
    ● Regularly creating and sharing multilingual content and resources, instigating discussions, and connecting members based on learning needs / expertise areas
    ● Facilitating and identifying links and potential connections between platform users
    4. In coordination with the lead moderator, capturing periodical learning from the CoP. This includes:
    ● Regular reporting on emerging priority themes
    ● Identifying advocacy opportunities, and innovative practices
    ● Contributing to the emerging technical content / paper
    ● Highlighting identified opportunities on the platform with relevant Secretariat staff
    5. In coordination with the lead moderator inputting into the development and implementation of the evaluation and learning tools for the platform
    6. External scanning for opportunities to promote the CoP and build the profile of the platform, in coordination / support of the PR and communication efforts, including identifying potential CoP users and audiences.
    7. Identifying community highlights and sharing within email newsletters
    This role will also work closely with the wider Member Engagement Team and the RISE Programme Lead at Family.
    Family for Every Child is evolving and with an ever increasing membership the role of the Secretariat has to adapt and respond to the changing needs of the members. This has an impact on each and every role within the Secretariat, therefore flexibility is key and the ability to respond to change, shift responsibilities and work collaboratively underlies the approach all staff need to take.

  • Person Specification:
    Education, qualifications, knowledge and experience

  • Educated to UK Degree level (international Level 6) or equivalent qualifications (ideally in international development, social sciences, civil society, social policy, social work, international relations,psychology, or communications)

  • Proficiency in running and coordinating online platforms (including websites and social media). This could include content creation, moderation and facilitating engagement.

  • Experience of troubleshooting in an online environment

  • Experience in analysing and consolidating learning emerging from the use of different communication tools including online communities

  • Fair understanding on issues related to children’s protection and care

  • Experience of effective communication at all levels across an organisation

  • Ability to use initiative and work without supervision, working both as part of a team and as an individual

  • Experience of working in a multicultural setting, demonstrating understanding of working internationally

  • Experience of facilitating communities of practice

  • Experience of working with local civil society organisations, acknowledging the challenges such agencies face in their day to day work

  • Understanding and/or experience of working on similar project

  • Understanding and/or experience on children’s sexual violence work

  • Additional language skills - preferably Portugeues, French or Arabic

  • Experience of working with diverse communities ● Experience of working within a network organisation

  • Experience of working with Google Apps

  • Skills and personal attributes
    Role specific skills - Essential

  • Fluent in Spanish (preferably Latin American Spanish)

  • High level of fluency in English and excellent English written ability to develop complex documents, presenting information clearly for both internal and external use

  • Demonstrable skill in working with external partners and bringing several stakeholders together for a common goal

  • Active listener, engaging people in a solution focused dialogue

  • Strong facilitation skills and understanding of group dynamics and network dynamics

  • Diplomacy and ability to challenge when needed with constructive feedback

  • Ability to analyse complex data and present this in an accessible and brief way

  • Ability to work independently and across different actors, cultural contexts, technical areas, multiple portfolios and subject areas at the same time

  • Respectful, empathetic and supportive approach to work with national civil society organisations, which seeks to identify and build on strengths

  • The following skills and personal attributes are expected of all staff:

  • Flexible and adaptable; willing to contribute to other streams of work and across teams

  • Highly skilled communicator, in different formats, and capable of working across languages and cultures (using translation and interpretation support as relevant)

  • Flexibility to work outside typical working hours and across time zones

  • Highly organised and self-motivated, able to manage and deliver on multiple concurrent tasks

  • Competent IT proficiency across a range of packages, able to learn quickly and troubleshoot problems independently

  • Ability to use initiative and work without close supervision, working both as part of a team and as an individual

  • Excellent command of English (oral and written) is a must, but working knowledge of Portuguese, French or Arabic is appreciated to broaden the range of language skills within the Secretariat

  • 1 The post holder will be employed by Family For Every Child and must therefore ensure that they have the legal right to work within the county they are based. Family For Every Child does not support applications for working visas and there is no relocation support. We require proof of entitlement - visa and/or passport - and we will need a signed declaration for tax and social security purposes in order to ensure we comply with local legislation. Should the tax and or employment legislation within the country you are based prohibit Family For Every Child from employing you directly then we will explore the option of an Employer of Record/Professional Employment Organisation arrangement. If the cost or mechanism of ensuring legitimate employment within your country of residence proves prohibitive, Family for Every Child reserves the right to withdraw your application from the selection process. Family for Every Child can employ through an Employer of Record/Professional Employment Organisation in Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru. We can also look at the possibility of employing in Costa Rica, and Guatemala

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