Alexander Jesus Vargas

Alexander Jesus Vargas

Zarcero, Cantón de Zarcero

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Acerca de mí:

It's been about 5 years molding myself to the customer service industry to the point where I feel comfortable at my desk and confident in my skills, which in return drives your eagerness to proficiency and challenging goals.


Educational Background
• Bachelor in secondary education
• Advanced Microsoft Excel user (Certified in October 2021).
• CSS3, HTML5 and GitHub student.


Career Place & Term Achievements & Experience

 DXC | 1 Year 2 Months (From 6/20 to 9/21) There is a need to embrace change as the company is constantly transitioning to new policies, services and procedures; thus, to achieve most of the goals this past year I had to get the most out of the Microsoft Suite, especially Outlook and Excel.

Smile Direct Club | 3 Months (From 2/20 to 5/20) Unfortunately, it was a short experience due to Covid; however, here is where I found a liking to custom my job tools. 

Equifax | 8 Months (From 6/19 to 2/20) Given that I needed a change I fell in love with this back-office experience that demanded tons of focus and stamina to process hundreds of news articles every day for financial organizations. Up to that point I never had a need to develop healthy habits to start the day as fresh as possible.

CSS Corp | 1 Year 1 Month (From 5/18 to 6/19) The experience I had gathered up to this point made the interactions much smoother as long as I knew enough about the VoIP phone service provided for business, which took me a while as it often led to complex technical issues or virtual receptionists set up, adding a high degree of pressure to endure but also an edge to face adversity later. 

Concentrix | 6 Months (From 12/17 to 5/18) In this account I helped customers pick up medical insurance packages fit for their family needs and budget, greatly dropping the learning curve as my roll here was easy when compared to my previous experience; plus, I had a notion then of what soft skills I had to work on.

Convergys | 1 Year 6 Months (From 6/16 to 12/17) It was a big change as my sole experience so far was bakeries or field-related jobs so basically, I had to work on my soft skills from scratch and master a couple of tools in English which I was yet to speak proficiently; thus, it was the most intimidating and exhausting experience up to that point but I’m still proud of how it turned out. Thank you so much for reading through my whole career!

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  • Customer Service
  • Technical Support
  • Chat Support
  • Data Entry | Back-Office

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